If there's one thing I love as much as actually making photos, it's teaching how to make photos. I teach workshops on various topics around the country whenever I get the chance. These workshops are an opportunity for me to teach you some of what I know. I don't know it all, but I love teaching what I do know. 

upcoming workshops

wedding workshop

I'll be hosting another one of my Full-Scale wedding workshops, much like this one I did in Durban. These workshops are nuts, and they're packed with literally everything you need in order to make it in the wedding industry. I teach you everything I've learned over the years that'll make your life easier as a wedding photographer, and I share everything I've gained from the mistakes I've made, so that you can avoid making those same mistakes. I go over everything from gear, lighting and editing, to engaging with clients and running a business.

This workshop is happening in JHB & Cape Town.

Details HERE.

lighting workshop - dates tba

My lighting workshops are 1-day workshops dedicated to teaching you all about artificial light. In this workshop, I go over artificial light from the very beginning, starting with speedlights. I teach you how they work, familiarise you with using them, and I even teach you how to balance ambient and artificial light in less than 30 seconds. I teach you how to manipulate the light to behave however you like, and teach you about different softboxes and light modifiers. You'll walk out of this workshop 100% confident in the fact that you know how to use your lights. You might need some practice after everything I teach you, but you'll have it under control. 

1-on-1 workshops

These are crazy fun. These workshops are for you - only YOU. Nobody else, just you. You and I sit down together, alone, and we go over whatever you'd like me to teach you. You let me know before the time what you'd like us to go over, and I intentionally build a workshop and content to suit your exact needs. We can talk about business, Lightroom, flash, meetings - heck, we can do a shoot if you like. Whatever you need, we do. 

You also get an audio recording of the workshop itself afterwards that you can keep as a reference. 

If you'd like to book a 1-on-1 workshop, please use the form below:

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"ett, come teach a workshop in my city/country"

Hey, if you don't see a workshop above in your city/country, and if you want me to come and teach one in your area, let me know. In fact, my last wedding workshop happened because of exactly that. I was contacted by a photographer, we figured something out, and I hopped on a plane to go teach a small group of photographers how to shoot weddings. There's potential for you to get a free seat in the workshop if you do that as well. So, hit me up so that we can make it happen.  

"I want to be notified about future workshops!"

Great! Sign up at the newsletter below and I'll hit you with updates as soon as I've got 'em.

kind stuff that kind people have said about my workshops:

The workshop was amazing. You were amazing. Love the enthusiasm and the way you explain things.
— Anja Meyer
You were great Ett!! And your knowledge on artificial light is incredible and inspiring! It was great learning from you
This was a great workshop and I will definitely recommend it to other people if you ever decide to come to Cape Town again
— Jenni le Grange
The last thing I expected was that he would teach us EVERYTHING he knows. Ett stood up in front of us and poured out every bit of knowledge he had learned during the course of his career, with so much honesty that some of the group members were even saying he should keep some of it to himself to keep a competitive edge, but Ett doesn’t think that way, he only wants to help everybody be as good as they can be.
— Alon Cohen
Incredible workshop! SO much detail and thought went into everything, and not a single thing wasn’t discussed in detail. You were really an open book and there was no holding back.

A photographer that will truly help improve photography in SA.
— Lerissa Kemp
I would highly recommend attending one Ett’s workshops as I found it extremely informative & full of useful advice.
— Devin Lester