it's almost time.

The workshop is around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited about it. In a couple of days, we'll be sitting in the studio getting our brains saturated in all the right stuff. This page exists to fill you in on how the two days are going to pan out. 

day one.

Let's get this day started nice and early. If you guys could be at the studio by 8:30, then we'll start with a meet 'n greet, get to know each other a bit, and then at 9am, we'll start the workshop. Please do your best to be there by 8:30 - the Meet 'n greet is really important. 

At 9, we'll get started. The morning will be about gear, flash, and HOW to actually shoot the wedding itself. Once we're ready to start shooting, we'll have a nice table to photograph, much like what you can expect at an actual wedding:

The table from the KZN Wedding workshop I did in April

The table from the KZN Wedding workshop I did in April

At 12 or 1, we'll break for lunch. Once we're back from lunch, there will be a "Bride and Groom" at the workshop, and we'll have a chance to photograph the bride having her hair and makeup done. 

Once the Bride's makeup is done and she's ready to go, we'll hop in our cars and drive off to the place we'll be shooting. 

When we're at the location, I'll show you how I coach couples on the day, and how I bring fantastic expressions out of them. We'll have triggers with us so that you can use my light if you'd like to.

Once we've wrapped up this shoot, we'll drive back to the studio and wrap up. Let me warn you in advance - this day will PROBABLY be a long one. If we're shooting until the sun sets, we'll obviously only be back at the studio and wrapping up AFTER that. So please be prepared for a long day. 

day two.

Day 2 will be limited to the studio, so we won't be going anywhere except out for lunch. This day will be a solid, intense business/editing/client/workflow day. This day is almost certainly more important than Day 1, and you'll see why when we're there. 

Now, some tips, and things to keep in mind:

  • This workshop is going to kick your ass. Seriously. There's a LOT to learn, and I chose to rather have longer, more intense days than to leave stuff out. I've already cut out stuff to keep the days shorter, but I honestly believe that you need everything I've kept in, and it requires a lot of time. So know that you're going to be mentally exhausted at the end of day 2. You're going to love it, though. Haha.
  • Eat breakfast in the mornings. I'll have snacks, and there will be AMAZING coffee, but please make sure you eat breakfast in the morning. 
  • The images you shoot at this workshop CAN be used for your portfolio. So when the opportunity comes to shoot, make sure you shoot. 
  • I'd also ask that you send me some images that you take as well. I'd love to use them for a blog post about this workshop afterwards
  • What you need: Bring your gear. Your camera, your lenses, and any lighting gear you have. No need for reflectors, umbrellas, and softboxes though. You also won't need your laptop (not even on Day 2). I'll be providing you with a notebook so that you can take notes. 
  • If you could spam planet earth with the #ettventerworkshops hashtag, that would be great. Hahaha. No obligation, though. 


The studio is on the corner of Jan Shoba and South, in Hatfield. Park as close to the Big Al's as you can. Walk towards +27 coffee shop, and someone will be there to show you how to get up to the studio. 

That's it! I can't wait for this workshop. I've been refining the content with new stuff that I learn, and I can't wait to share it with you guys. 

See you on Tuesday!