Engagement shoots

I think engagement shoots are really important, and I think so for two reasons. The first reason is purely because photos of two people in love are always nice photos, and I think it's really nice to have photos of such an exciting time in your relationship together.

The second reason is that being photographed professionally is pretty intimidating, and it's easy to feel a little uncomfortable in that environment. You eventually start relaxing after about 15-20 minutes, though. I kill two birds with one stone by doing an engagement shoot with you, in that I give you nice photos, and we get the uncomfortable session out of the way BEFORE the wedding day. Rather than spend 20 minutes on your WEDDING day feeling uncomfortable, we get it out the way in an engagement shoot. Usually, once you relax, things get really fun!

How do engagement shoots actually work?

I like to think of engagement shoots as a collaborative project. Sure, I could come up with an epic idea for a shoot, where I place you guys on the middle of a race track, kissing, while race cars are flying past you; but if neither of you care about racing, the shoot wouldn't make any sense at all. So I like to work with you guys to come up with a really good idea that actually makes sense in your context. Of course, you can always leave it up to me, and then I'll do all the work. I'll find a nice location for us that isn't any specific theme, just something beautiful, and we'll create something amazing there. So it really comes down to us collaborating and working together.

Engagement Shoot Packages

Package 1: Standard

The first engagement shoot that I offer is the Standard Engagement shoot. In this shoot, we find a beautiful location, meet up there, and shoot for an hour or so. Here's what's included in a shoot like this:

  • We shoot for an hour
  • 25 edited photographs delivered via online gallery
  • Photos delivered in 2 weeks.
  • 60KM Travel included
  • Price: R3000

This gallery is a good example of the sort of images I make in these shoots:



Package 2: High-End

This is something I've just started offering. I've always felt the need to create something beautiful with my camera. Often times, I feel like a location I'm shooting in would look way better if we actually put some effort into making it look more awesome. I mean, sure, I could take photos of you guys lying together under a tree, but how much more awesome would it look if there were a chandelier hanging from that tree? Just a small touch, but it would make such a difference to the photographs.

In these High-End shoots, we find a nice location, and work at making that location more interesting with furniture, props, etc. I also spend a ridiculous amount of time editing these photographs, making sure that I do everything I can to make the shots are good as they can possibly be. 

Here's what you get from a shoot like this:

  • We shoot for up to 2 hours
  • I source, rent, buy and make whatever props we need for the shoot. 
  • I edit your shots very intentionally
  • 12-15 shots 
  • Delivery time is 4 weeks due to the extensive editing
  • 120KM Travel included
  • Price: R6000

This post is an example of a high-end shoot: