Cape Town 1-on-1 Workshops

April 11-13 2018


If there's one thing that annoys me...

...its' not knowing how to do something, struggling to figure it out, but knowing that there are other people out there that are getting it right. It drives me nuts. 

"So and so can make the light at a wedding reception look like amazing light in the room"

"So and so can edit an entire wedding in 5 hours"

The way I get around this these days, is by asking the people who do know, and hope they don't give me a BS answer. Today, I'm hoping to be the person you ask, and I guarantee that the answers I give are far from BS.

Now, I don't profess to know everything, but 200+ weddings does teach you a thing or two, and I'd love to share what I know with you.  I've done a zillion of these 1-on-1 workshops, and photographers seem to enjoy them a lot, because they're so specifically tailored to your specific needs.

I've covered a range of topics, but what seems to be most popular is the following:


Lighting that blends seamlessly with the environment:

Artificial light is a thing that people generally think looks bad, because often, it's doe in such a way that it's blaringly obvious, and draws attention to itself. I can teach you how to light in such a way that the light in your shot will be like good design - so seamless that it compliments its surroundings, without the viewer realising it. Heck, the photo at the top of this page was lit artificially. The couple was way darker in that shot before I lit them.


Editing weddings in 4-5 hours

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning, sitting down to edit a new set of wedding photos, and then being done with them by lunch time. Imagine that life. This is the reality that I live, and I can teach you how to do that. 


Facebook ads that bring a ton of leads

I've spent an obscene amount of time learning how to run effective facebook ads, and I can teach you what I've learned. I got over 70 leads from my last facebook ad, and it only cost me a couple hundred bucks. A facebook ad isn't just a pretty photo and a "I'm a passionate photographer" caption. There's a science behind it all. 


These three topics seem to be particularly popular, but hit me up with whatever you'd like to do, and if I can help you, we ca make it happen. 


The first hour is R1500, and every hour after the first drops to R1000.

IMPORTANT: I was in CPT doing some of these workshops in October last year and I sold out the available spots in no time. If you'd like to be sure to get a slot, please don't wait. 

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