Something a little different...

Meet two of my clients - Liz and Dyce. I had a shoot scheduled with them, and called them up a couple of days before and said "I've got an idea. Want to give it a shot?". They were keen, so I started planning.

Since I started taking photos, I've realised how I really just need to keep growing and doing a better job than I did at the last shoot. I decided to do this with engagement photos as well. I'm so tired of seeing the same shoots over and over all over the internet. It's time that photographers stop being lazy and start creating compelling photographs, not just "good enough" photographs.

Instead of dragging the couple into a pretty location and photographing them, I decided to make the location itself look a lot more interesting, and then spend a lot more time processing the images as well. So I called up my assistant and PA, Aubrey, as well as a good friend of mine, Bernard Brand (check out his work here), and after telling them my vision, I dragged them into this job with me. I hired furniture, I hired a trailer, and we even carried my own couch and lamp out of my house and loaded those onto the trailer for the shoot as well. Oh, and we did this at 4am.

Behind The Scenes

Here in Pretoria, we have trees called Jacaranda trees, and in October every year, for about 4 weeks, these trees bloom the most beautiful purple flowers. This particular street is lined with them, and had envisioned putting this furniture in a street lined with Jacaranda trees. Shooting at 5am was also a non-negotiable because I wanted the warm sun behind them, and I also wanted fresh jacaranda flowers on the ground.

Purple flowers


Liz and Dyce were freaking great as well. They drove a long distance to get to us that morning, and they were up for anything I suggested. They also had the most amazing chemistry, which is a key component in couple photos. 

   Big thanks to Aubrey for the awesome BTS photos. 


Big thanks to Aubrey for the awesome BTS photos. 

Here are the final images from this shoot. 

This sort of engagement shoot is something I've started offering as a different kind of shoot altogether. It was quite a bit of work it make this happen.

Hope you like the shots!