Review: FLM CB-32F Tripod Ball Head

I recently got a suitcase full of overwhelmingly beautiful tripod gear to shoot and write a review about. There’s one specific thing I want to focus on today, and that’s the FLM CB-32F Ball head. I don’t think I’ve ever felt a small ball head that felt as solid as this one. 

The CB-32F is actually the strongest ball head in its class, and for its size (32mm), it can carry more weight than any 32mm ball head in the world. It can carry a load of 20KG, which is more than 99% of camera configurations you’re likely to use.

The friction control knob and clutch are very solid, and once you’ve tightened them, your camera isn’t going anywhere. 

The pan knob is a nice one to have as well, and allows you to easily pan your camera for panoramas. The base of the head has a measurement scale marked into it, allowing you to be really precise about the increments you pan in. They’re laser etched into the base at an angle as well, allowing you to view the measurements from above.

Something that really struck me about this ball head was the overall build quality. FLM uses high-tensile, lead free aluminium, which is machined using state of the art CNC technology, and I’ll be honest with you - you can feel it when handling this ball head.

I also find it really beneficial to have a separate base to the rest of the tripod. Once you've got your vertical angle and tilt dialled in, you can still rotate your camera horizontally without affecting those settings. This is invaluable if you're doing panoramas, or shooting architectural work.

The head also features a reversible screw which can be easily switched from 1/4” to 3/8” threads. This allows you to join virtually any Quick Release or Power Release System to the ball head. The head also has a cork surface on the top which increases the friction between the head and the Quick-Release, making it just that much more secure. The cork also helps reduce vibrations between the head and the Quick-Release.

The way the friction knob works is also a thing of beauty. It's has a step ring, which allows you to set a minimum tension  to hold your specific camera setup in place. This allows you to change your  composition without adjusting the friction.

That's it. Keep well, keep shooting. Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - Ett Venter.