Reini & Melany Wedding

I shot a wedding with such a fun couple last weekend. The groom was one of the tallest guys I've ever met.

The chemistry that these two had was just amazing. If I had another two hours with them for the couple photos, it still wouldn't have been enough. Amazing.

Check out the bottom of the post for some exciting details about the traffic one of these photos got!


Alright, so you saw this photo above, but let me quickly single it out before I tell you about it:


So I posted this shot to 500px, a massive social network specifically for photographers, and the shot pushed through the levels of traffic into the "Popular" section of the site within a couple of minutes. I was quite excited about that, but I've had a couple of shots hit "Popular" on 500px, so it wasn't CRAZY, but still great! Yesterday morning, however, the shot featured on 500px's official blog, in what's called the "Week In Review", in which they post 40+ of their favourite shots from all the shots that were uploaded to the site in the last week. That alone had me almost fall over. I feel so honoured to have my shot featured amongst such amazing work. You can read that specific blog post right here.

Then I got an email yesterday afternoon on my way to a meeting that totally caught me off guard:


So I've been feeling so, so excited about this shot! I wasn't expecting such a crazy response, but I'm so glad. Here it is, Editor's Choice. 4th shot:


I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the response. Thanks to everyone that's supported me with this shot. Can't believe one of MY photos has gained so much traction.

Reini and Melanie: Thanks for helping me make this photo. I couldn't have done it without you guys!