New year, good news!

Geez guys, happy new year! I hope your Christmas was filled with win! 

I've got so much stuff I can't wait to share with you. I did some shooting at the end of 2013 that made me SO happy, and I can't wait to get those photos up here for you to see. I've just finished up my holiday, and this morning has been my first little stretch of work. Some new work will be up for you to see soon.

In the meantime, I just thought I'd share something exciting that happened at the end of last year. Nikon South Africa announced their "Top 10 Images of 2013", and a photo of mine was in that list! The photo they selected was an image I shot at Louis & Meghan's wedding a few months ago. This image is probably still me personal favourite image of mine as well, so this was such and encouragement. Here's  the photo:


You can actually view a whole stack of photos from that wedding right here in this gallery.

And here's a link to the rest of the Top 10 images that Nikon posted. Have a look!

That's all I wanted to share for today. Hope you guys have an awesome year, and I hope to take photos of you sometime.