Lighting Workshop - Cape Town, January 2016

Last year, I decided to start teaching what I know about photography, and it was absolutely incredible. I started off with a Wedding Workshop in June, I then flew down to Cape Town to teach 2 photographers about light, and then I wrapped the year up with a bunch of talks and workshops at the Photo & Film expo. By the end of the year, I knew that I needed to teach WAY more this year, and I'm getting started bright and early.

Photo by Bernard Brand

Photo by Bernard Brand

My very first workshop this year will be on using flash. This workshop is a start to finish style workshop, taking you from the basics, all the way through to advanced technique. If you've wanted to use flash, and have feared the immense amount of information there is about this stuff online, this workshop is for you. Here's a video:

This workshop will be the ideal workshop for anyone wanting to build a rock-solid foundation for artificial light. If you have no idea how to use a flash of any kind, you'll be able to walk out of the workshop with all the knowledge you need to start lighting your subjects on your shoots. We'll start the day with some theory, and wrap the day off with a shoot in the studio.

Here's a breakdown:

Understanding How to Use Your Flash

That flash in your camera bag can sometimes feel like a nuclear bomb with a control panel that looks like a mixing desk. I'll reduce it to everything that matters.


Gear: Speedlights, Strobes, Triggers

There's an infinite amount of gear that's available for artificial lighting. I'll walk you through loads of it, and how it could line up with your needs. I'll also fill you in on how you probably don't need 99% of it, and how you can save money by using stuff around the house to create amazing light.


ND Filters, and HSS (High-Speed Sync)

The fancy stuff that allows you to shoot at f/1.4 in broad daylight. This stuff is a big part of my personal workflow. I'll show you how it all works - you might need to make it part of yours too.


Light Modifiers

Light modifiers can be the difference between awful light, and great light. We'll go over all the theory behind how/why light modifiers do what they do. 


Balancing Ambient and Flash

This is probably the most significant aspect to artificial lighht - blending it with available light. Many photographers struggle a lot with this concept. After this workshop, you'll be able to balance ambient and flash in 10 seconds. Every single time. 



The workshop will be a full day class, and will take place on the 12th of January 2016 at Sunshine Company in Cape Town. 

The fee for the workshop will be R2000 per person. The first 5 bookings will only pay R1500, and there will only be 12 seats, so get in there! Lunch and snacks will be provided. All I need from you for this workshop is that you are 100% comfortable with shooting in Manual.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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