It's Facebook time!

So I finally bit the bullet and built a facebook page for my work. I've been avoiding doing it, to be honest, because I don't like having two audiences on facebook. There are loads of people that have sent me friend requests that don't know me from a bar of soap, but that added me so that they can see more of my work, and that's cool. There are often spikes of these sorts of friend requests, in fact. I had a massive spike when I put up that photo of Louis & Meghan. I got about 150 friend requests after I put that up. The number of followers I have on my personal account is also growing, and I think I'm being a little careless by having all of this tied to my personal account. So I went ahead and did the business-y thing. It makes a little more sense, from a business perspective, to have a page. Things like having analytics is going to be great.

Anyway, here it is!

So that's it! Like it, Share it, Link it! And please let me know what you think about it :)