Wedding Workshop - 2017

In July, I'll be hosting a full scale, 2 day wedding workshop, one that's accessible to far more people. The video below is a quick breakdown:


The workshop will be a two day workshop. 

Day 1: Shooting

Day 1 will be all about the actual photographic aspect of wedding photography. We'll have everything we need to give you an idea of what a wedding day feels like, from the makeup while the bride gets ready, to the speeches at the reception. I'll teach you how to keep everyone around you as relaxed as possible, and how to get the couple you're photographing to feel comfortable and relaxed as you take photos of them.

Artificial Light

Flash is a very big part of how I shoot weddings. 99% of the images I produce at a wedding have some form of artificial light. We'll go over flash, why it's so important, and how to use it at a wedding. I'll teach you when and how to use your flash(es), and how to balance them perfectly with the natural light around you. I'll also teach you how to do that balancing in a matter of 10 seconds.

You'll also learn to light rooms in a way that makes sense. Dark reception halls are a common thing, and you'll learn how to light those with ease. If you're still scared of your flash, that's going to change at this workshop.

Creating Work with a Photojournalistic Feel

I'm not a fan of wedding photos that feel posed, rigid, and forced. I've never been. Creating natural looking work can be a challenge, especially if your subjects are somewhat aware of your presence. We're going to spend time talking about how to shoot the wedding day with more of a documentary approach.


I have no idea how to pose couples. I'm awful at it. I always have been. I also think that 99% of posed images look like posed images. My solution to that problem was to find another way to get couples to give me the feeling I wanted in the images. The way I do this is by directing the couple, and leading the couple into a mindset that will naturally create these beautiful moments between them. When these moments come naturally, it's instantly visible in the photographs. I'll teach you all the little tricks I've learned on doing this.


We'll go over the gear that you need at a wedding. This won't be a workshop that you'll leave worried about the future condition of your credit card. I'll show you how you can shoot weddings perfectly on far less than what you expect. 


Day 2

Day 2 will be all about editing, business, and life.

Dealing with Clients

As a photographer, people skills are probably just as important as actual photographic skill. Your entire relationship with a potential client is riding on whether or not they like you as a person. If they don't, you won't get the job. Simple as that. If they enjoy your company, you're far more likely to get that booking. 

First Meeting

After all the emails back and forth, you'll likely get a chance to have a meeting with a couple before they book you. This meeting is the most significant point of contact with a potential client. If they're willing to sit down with you for a meeting, they're usually pretty sure that they'll be booking you. If a client doesn't book you after this meeting, it's probably because you've done something wrong. Your client needs to leave this meeting informed, with no question, and with full confidence that you're the right person for them. In fact, if a client chooses to have a meeting with you, even though they're not sure about you, this meeting is the meeting where they should realise that you're the right photographer. I can't stress how important this meeting is. 

I'll teach you how to turn that meeting into a booking, 99% of the time.



Building a Portfolio That Makes Sense to Clients

Your portfolio is the first thing a potential client will see. Screw this step up, and you don't stand a chance. Your portfolio needs to answer a client's questions. It doesn't matter if the portfolio doesn't make sense to other photographers - they're not hiring you. Your portfolio needs to speak to your clients.

Booking the Weddings You Want to Shoot

Working with a couple that's got a different vision for their wedding photos to you, is a difficult, unpleasant experience. It's an awful experience for both the client, and for you. You have a taste, a style, and you only want to shoot for couples who share that vision, otherwise there will be disappointment for everyone. I'll teach you how to ensure that every wedding you shoot will be one that allows you your own creative freedom to shoot the wedding as you please.


Post processing is a key aspect of what we do. I can remember spending entire days, a few of them, working on just a single set of wedding images. Over time, I've build a workflow that allows me to edit an entire set of wedding images, from start to finish, in 5 hours. I'll be teaching you exactly how I do that, and how I do that while keeping the high standard I have for my images. 


Marketing is one of the most important, if not the most important part of your business. If people aren't seeing your work, you won't be making any bookings. Beyond that - if people aren't telling their friends about your work, you're missing out on the most powerful advertising of all - word of mouth. 

Efficient Admin

Getting stuff done as quickly and efficiently as possible is the difference between you having a life besides your business, and you spending 18 hours a day behind your computer. Do you like the idea of running a successful business and still having time every day to have coffee with your friends/family? I've learned how to manage this, and I'm going to show you how.

The workshop might leave you with a couple of questions that'll show up a week or two later. So I'll include a 1 hour 1-on-1 workshop, where we can talk over any final questions you might have about wedding photography. These 1-on-1 workshops are usually R1500, but you get it for free if you're at this wedding workshop.


That's a breakdown of the workshop. In a nutshell:

  • A chance to learn and grow with other photographers
  • How to shoot the wedding day beautifully
  • How to edit that wedding in no time
  • How to treat your clients
  • How to have a personal life outside of your business
  • This will all be taking place in Pretoria on the 5th and 6th of July, and then again in Cape Town on the 12th and 13th of July.

This is where it's different:

Usually, these workshops are expensive, and you're often sitting listening to something you already know how to do. What if you want to come and do the shoot, but don't care to learn how I edit? Or what if you only care about nailing the first meeting, and couldn't care to do the shoot? Well, this is where things get awesome.

Instead of forcing you to attend this entire workshop, I'm giving you the option to attend SOME of it, at a reduced cost. You still have the option of attending the entire workshop, and it'll be a better experience overall if you do, and cheaper too. 

The workshop is broken into 4 segments:

Day 1 | Session 1: The wedding day, Flash, and some more theory

  • What to shoot at a wedding
  • Building solid relationships with clients and parents
  • Gear to consider for weddings
  • Flash - Learn to use that flash, and balance ambient and flash seamlessly
  • Light Modifiers
  • Order of the day
  • Shooting with faster editing in mind
  • How to tell a story, instead of make boring looking "wedding photos"


Day 1 | Session 2: The Shoot - Practical


  • A table styled by a professional, just for your portfolio
  • A shoot with an actual couple at a lovely location
  • A walkthrough of how to create authentic looking shots
  • How to avoid getting photos that look like boring, posed shots
  • An opportunity to get images for your portfolio


Day 2 | Session 1: Business-ey Stuff

  • Time management, and avoiding procrastination
  • Your portfolio, and how to answer some of the questions potential clients have with it
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Apps that speed up your admin work (the entire workshop is worth it for this alone)
  • How to book clients
  • How to nail it at the first meeting

Day 2 | Session 2: Editing

  • Editing workflow
  • Lightroom A-Z
  • Editing a full wedding in 5 hours max - the workflow that changed my life
  • Toning, grading, and all that good stuff
  • Apps I use to minimize mouse use during editing - added efficiency
  • Nailing skin tones
  • Backup strategy


Cost per session is R1250, or R4500 if you attend all four.

Should you feel that this workshop is something you'd like to get involved in, please fill out the form below. Please not that there are only 12 spaces per session, so once they're gone, they're gone. 

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Incredible workshop! SO much detail and thought went into everything and not a single thing wasn’t discussed in detail. You were really an open book and there was no holding back. A photographer that will truly help improve photography in SA.
— Lerissa Kemp
The last thing I expected was that he would teach us EVERYTHING he knows. Ett stood up in front of us and poured out every bit of knowledge he had learned during the course of his career, with so much honesty that some of the group members were even saying he should keep some of it to himself to keep a competitive edge, but Ett doesn’t think that way, he only wants to help everybody be as good as they can be.
— Alon Cohen
I would highly recommend attending one Ett’s workshops as I found it extremely informative & full of useful advice. Ett puts so much effort into his workshops and it shows! The course was jam-packed but did not feel rushed or stressed.
— Devin Lester
It was amazing. You were amazing. Love the enthusiasm and the way you explain things.
— Anja Meyer

One last thing...

I've got loads of plans for other workshops throughout the country for the rest of this year. If you'd like to be notified about these workshops before they show up on Social Media, sign up to my Workshop Newsletter RIGHT HERE

I hope to see you there!