So, we spoke about stuff. How was it?

I love the fact that I get to sit down and teach people individually, like I did with you. However, I always want that experience to be the best it can be. I want you to have come away thinking "That was dope, I want everyone to do something like this with Ett". 

Could you offer me some dead honest feedback? If you were super happy with how it went, that's great! If you didn't love the session, that's also totally cool. I'd just love to know what you thought, and how you think I can make these sessions better.

So if you have a minute... (there's a small gift for you at the end :P )


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I'd really appreciate it if you could give me something I could use to market these things.

Enough chatter, where's my free stuff, Ett?

Since you were lovely enough to sit down with me, and to give me honest feedback, I'd love to offer you a discount on your next session. So book another hour with me, and your second hour (usually R1000) will be 100% free. Maybe this can be a chance to go over some of the other things you may want to learn. The most popular things that people have me teach them are listed below:

Facebook Ads

1 Hour

The single best thing you can do for your marketing today is Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful tool. I’ve had R300 ads translate into R60 000 worth of bookings, and I can teach you how to create powerful ads for your business as well.

FB Messenger

1 Hour

You’d be surprised how powerful FB Messenger actually is. It’s just a messenger platform, right? It’s just an inbox, right? Wrong. Using messenger, you can automatically, with literally NO intervention, engage with a potential client, and even single out the ideal clients form the non-starter clients, as well as gain all the info you need from them, and have that placed in your inbox. Gone are the days of actually having to open your FB Page Inbox.

Artificial Light - Beginner

1 Hour

How artificial light works, how to use a speedlight, and how to balance artificial light with flash in a way that looks seamless.

Artificial Light - Studio

1 Hour

Yeah, I’m sick of boring studio photos too. This workshop walks you through how to make beautiful, dynamic studio photos. I walk you through various softboxes, umbrellas, different strobes, etc. This one is great if you’d like to learn the nuances how how light behaves, and how to control and manipulate those nuances. Everything you learn here can be applied on location as well.

Of course, there's more I have to teach, but these are the most popular.


1st hour is R1500, second is R1000, and every hour after that is R900.

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